Independent Tyre Monitoring Solution

About iTMS:

Independent Tyre Monitoring Solution (iTMS) fills the gap in tyre fleet management . iTMS has designed a fully interactive Cloud based program meaning you can securely access your data from anywhere in the world, 24/7 enabling ubiquitous, on-demand access and subscription-based licenses that does not require any software installation.

iTMS enables Independent Tyre Companies ,Directors, Financial Managers and Operational Managers to control , maintain and analyze their tyre fleet management in real time - not end time spanning multiple countries. iTMS was developed using hands on experience ,Tyre and Vehicle knowledge from the ground up ! The development of iTMS has taken over 4 years with over 300,000 tyre inspection to validate the core functionality of all features, with full global capabilities including 21 languages for immediate real-time comparison .

iTMS allows a user or users to control all tyre cost including forecasting vehicles for tyre replacement. iTMS schedules the vehicles axels and tyre positions monthly. Contractors / technicians no longer need to manually interpret each tyre and the vehicles history based on the predicative End of Life travel, thus saving on labor costs and the possability of human error.

Fleet opperators have no choice but to keep pursuing every possible operating cost reduction - with iTMS you achieve this! iTMS provides an all-embracing easy to use program that reports on the performance of all tyre brands and vehicles, which includes

  • Tyre Brand Cost
  • Fleet Tyre Scheduling
  • Fleets Residual Value
  • Vehicle and Equipment Tyre Cost
  • Vehicle Maintenance Requirements
  • Tyre Pressure Report and Percentages
  • End of Life on each Tyre including Cost per Kilometer/Mile/Hours
  • Wear Rates by Tyre Brand, Size, and Pattern including Tyre Position
  • Visual Issues via Importing Photos and Videos for History Record Keeping
  • iTMS Load and Go 24/7 is Highly Recommened by Fleet Managers for Total Tyre and Fleet Control

iTMS along with its supplemental desktop component is intuitive and full featured, and has many enthusiastic revues. Users can analyze all detailed history on every vehicle, including all manufacturer brands and all tyre and vechicle maintenance issues. As an operator you have a documented business system which covers your Tyre Standards ensuring each vehicle/ equipment are kept in a Roadworthy and Safe Condition.

iTMS offers several applications , while still being totally customizable for Owner/Operator, Fleet Corporations and Tyre Companies.

Live reports and grahps to view at your finger tips with user access for instant Download , PDF, Printing and Archived Reporting

iTMS supports all Independent Tyre Companies and Manufactures thus having the latest tyre fleet management program available 24\7 globaly.Tyres in the Cloud Software

We do understand your Business may require Training -Yes iTMS does training and gives 100% support.

Take your time to browse and learn more about iTMS .You're welcome to send us your questions via the Contact Us page.

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The iTMS Packages:

  • Transport Package

    $975.00 monthiy

    Maximum Includes

    One Company

    Up to Five Depots

    Twelve login Users

    Up to 750 vehicles (12,000 Tyres)

    Up to 4 axles per vehicle/equipment

    Free upgrades

    Free support

    No lock in Contract

    Your Company operating up to Five depots

    Add extra vehicles/equipment within your subscription for only
    $1.30 each

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  • Tyre Companies & Corporations


    Maximum Includes

    Ten Companies

    Twenty Depots

    Fifty Login Users

    1500 vehicles (24,000+ Tyres)

    Unlimited axles per vehicles/equipment

    Free upgrades

    Free support

    No lock in Contract

    Great start up for Tyre Companies to service Clients

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    Full Unlimited Access

    Unlimited Depots

    Unlimited Companies

    Unlimited Login users

    Unlimited Vehicles/Equipment

    Unlimited Axles & Tyres

    Free upgrades

    Free Support

    No lock in Contract

    GLOBAL ACCESS Twenty one languages

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